Week One

I have become a human pincushion.

I had my first ultrasound last Tuesday.  Everything looked great and we were given the go ahead to start medications.  I had my first injection at 6:30 Wednesday morning.  150 units of Follistim, twice a day until Friday morning, when we had our next ultrasound.

Second ultrasound looked good.  They counted 38 follicles.  Our medication outline changed at that point.  I would still be taking the follicle stimulation drugs in the a.m., but would now be taking a follicle maturation drug as well as an ovulation suppressant in the pm.

We had our 3rd ultrasound on Sunday.  Of the 38 follicles they measured about 13 that were growing at the same pace.  We were told to continue the Follistim in the morning as well as the Menopur and Ganirelix in the evening.

Ultrasound #4 was this morning.  We’re now at about 19 growing follicles, with another 5 that could potentially mature enough by the time we trigger ovulation.  I’ll still be doing a follicle stimulation shot in the morning, but I’m now adding an ovulation suppressant shot each a.m. as well.  So, I’m up to 4 shots per day, and will be until we have our next ultrasound Thursday morning.

The shots aren’t so bad.  I’m bruising a little and you can see the needle marks for each shot, but it could be so much worse.  My arms are a different story, however.

At the start of each ultrasound, they have to take a blood sample so they can check my estrogen levels.  My veins are small, hard to locate, and I bruise like a peach, so needless to say, the track marks on my arms look pretty sexy.

Our egg retrieval will be scheduled some time between September 10th & 12th.  I’m assuming we’ll know when on Thursday.  Until then, we’ll keep our heads down, focusing on doing what has been outlined for us in the hopes that we get our desired outcome.



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