A Sigh of Relief

Today was a good day.  After a week and a half of playing the intermediary between my doctor’s office and the specialty pharmacy I’m required to use for our medications, I was finally able to connect them.  Our prescriptions have been processed and are being delivered Friday.

We were anticipating spending at least a couple thousand dollars to get all of the necessary medications.  The nurses even warned us about the potential costs.  The Ganirelix for instance, is a medication that a lot of plans don’t cover.  Each shot costs $100.  Our prescription called for 9.  And that was just one of the items prescribed!  We had 10 others to cost out in addition.  Naturally, because I’m me, I chose to do some research.  I added up the average price of each drug and came up with about $4000 in total.  That’s what I went into this experience expecting, so I was ready when I received the damage from my pharmacy.

Except there is no damage.  I found out today that all but one of our prescriptions is being covered.  And, since I’ve hit my out-of-pocket maximum for the year, those 10 covered prescriptions are costing us a co-pay of $0.  The total Lee and I will be spending on fertility drugs?  A whopping $455.50.

I went from being almost defeated after our injection class last Wednesday to on top of the world today.  It’s like I hit some sort of IVF medication lottery!

I  have to thank you all for the kind words, prayers and positive vibes that you’ve sent our way.  It’s days like today when I know they are working.  I feel so incredibly fortunate that we have such wonderful family and friends in our corner.  Your belief in me, in us, is making it a lot easier for me to believe in me too.



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