A Match Made in Trivia: The Story of How I Met My Husband

I heard his voice before I saw him.  It was a Thursday night and I was sitting at the bar at my local TGI Friday’s chatting with my bartender friend when a deep silky voice seemed to surround me.  I looked around wildly to see where it was coming from and saw an incredibly attractive man speaking into a microphone.  Turns out I had shown up on trivia night, and he was one of the trivia hosts.  For me, it was love at first listen.

Well, maybe not love, but I was definitely smitten from the get-go.  He was handsome, red-haired (I love them redheads, man!) and funny.  But when he wasn’t regaling the teams with his trivia hosting prowess, he was actually incredibly shy.  In fact, his shyness made me shy around him!  I became a trivia regular; rarely did I miss a show when he was hosting.  It took about 6 months for me to work up the courage to approach him after a show, but after a solid Sunday Funday, I worked up courage of the liquid kind, and struck up a conversation.

He didn’t speak more than 5 whole sentences to me during our first full conversation.  I basically talked at him for a good half hour, while he drank his beer and kept his eyes on the TV screen above the bar.  I left that night feeling dejected, but thankful for the all the whiskey I had consumed up until that point, as it lessened the embarrassment of striking out.

I don’t know what I did or said that night that intrigued him, but I must have had some positive effect.  I woke up the next morning slightly hungover and ready to forget my failure from the previous night.  Imagine my surprise when I found a Facebook friend request from my trivia host crush.  This was the start of our weird 6 month flirtation.  I say weird, because he wouldn’t really talk to me at trivia.  However, once I got home and hopped on Facebook, he would instant message me and we would talk for hours.  It was exciting, confusing and frustrating all at the same time.  I liked this guy so much and made no secret of it, yet he acted aloof when it came to my feelings.  After 6 months of this infuriating back and forth, I threw in the towel.  I stopped showing up to his trivia shows.  I hoped that absence would make me forget.

Well, it didn’t.  But as luck would have it, my absence made his heart grow fonder.  Within a couple weeks of my disappearance, Lee asked me out on our first date.  We’ve been together ever since.

I’ve had a really hard time writing this post about my husband.  This post was going to be my virtual love letter.  Most writing comes pretty easy, but this post has taken about 3 weeks to compose and I finally figured out why.  It’s impossible for me to put into words what Lee means to me.  He makes me laugh, makes me smile and after 7 years, he still makes me swoon.  He understands my idiosyncrasies and loves me in spite of them.  Or perhaps he loves me because of them.  Either way, he handles me like a champ.  And sometimes, I can be a lot to handle.

I don’t doubt that these next few months are going to be hard and may even test our marriage, but there’s no one I’d rather share this journey with.

K and L_MockWedding_RotellaPhotography_2015-6Photo By Rotella Photography

2 thoughts on “A Match Made in Trivia: The Story of How I Met My Husband

  1. auntjooge

    ❤️ LOVE you both! And, I kid you not “That’s How Much” by Ambrosia was playing at the studio when I was reading this! Now that’s cool! And of course, I’m crying writing this.. Such a sucker for love I am.. ❤️ ❗️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. judyfischermfgcom

    As you already know, you and Lee are two of my very favorites! I never tire of your “meeting” story and am so happy for the deep love that has since bloomed. I am sorry that you two,and others close to us, are facing these difficulties with infertility. Please know that we are solidly behind all of you and are providing you with the best gift we can offer – our love and prayers. Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

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