Three Strikes

So, the first attempt didn’t quite go as we had anticipated.  Well, neither did the second.  Or the third.

It’s almost as though there’s a spotlight on newlyweds.  The ink hasn’t even dried on the marriage certificate and people are asking when you’re planning to start a family.  Naturally, when you’re in our position you don’t really feel like telling friends, family members, or the rude ass acquaintance that you barely know that you’ve been trying for quite some time and haven’t succeeded yet.

For three months straight we attempted IUI without success and we managed to have a family wedding right in the middle of our two week waiting game each month.  I wasn’t drinking at these weddings because I didn’t want to risk it and it seemed like everyone noticed.  It was a very uncomfortable situation to be in.  I wasn’t ready to fully go public with what my husband and I were going through, but it really didn’t matter.  People that know me know I can drink most anyone under the table, so when I’m refraining from alcohol, everyone assumed I was pregnant.  I ended up coming up with excuses such as being on antibiotics, saying it was my turn to be sober cab, anything I could come up with to get people to abandon the idea of pregnancy.  I don’t know if it actually worked, or if they’d heard all of these excuses before and figured that I was, I just wasn’t ready to tell them.  All I know is that I wanted so badly to prove their suspicions were right and yet I just couldn’t make it happen.


One thought on “Three Strikes

  1. I really hope Lee was taking advantage of that sober cab excuse. He had to drink for two!

    I always roll my eyes at those people who think it’s any of their business what your future plans are – especially when it comes to something as intimate and personal as making a baby. No matter what process you’re trying to build your family, it’s extremely personal. Information like that is a one way road – no matter how curious you are, unless you’re sharing their bed it’s hard to invite someone to share details like that with you. I know I’ve had to walk that line a time or two, and I have definitely shared your bed! If you’ve been trusted with information about someone’s fertility struggles, it’s a balancing act to know when to ask for more information and when to just be there with a funny story or a picture of a kitten.


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